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Advantages Of Sports Betting

Sports betting continues to enjoy increasing popularity. What was once a hobby of a few, is now being used by the masses. More and more bookmakers are flooding the online sports betting market and users are finding themselves for everyone.

Due to the various bonuses, a kind of gold-rush atmosphere has broken out among the more experienced sports bettors and an account is opened with every bookmaker, which at least on paper enables high user numbers for all newcomers to the market. But it’s not the bonuses that make the market boom. Because in the end, most players always end up stuck with one or two bookmakers who seem most suitable to them.

So what is it that has made sports betting so successful in the gambling sector that not even the state can resist the legalization of private sports betting anymore? There are actually a few that you can name here. In the following I will get to the bottom of these.

Sports betting can be influenced – if you win in gambling with expertise
Among all the advantages, the fact that you can really influence your chances of winning in sports betting and this is also communicated is particularly striking.

No roller game in the gaming library, no lotto like Golotto or Tipp24, neither in the shop nor online, and no online casino can convey this in this way. Only some classic casino games such as Roulette offer this experience, but are not really designed by the inventor to make the application of strategies in these games perceived as cheating.

Basically, one is always dependent on luck. This is also true for sports betting to a certain extent, but at least half of the chance of winning comes from your own knowledge of the sport. And the obstacle to using strategies for sports betting is also no longer high, since the influence on the chance is somehow planned in and feels more correct here. This feeling of taking one’s own destiny into one’s own hands is something that bookmakers’ customers certainly particularly like.


The constant availability is also certainly appreciated. Virtually all sports betting providers have a mobile portal, a smartphone app and only a normal website as their main starting point, sometimes with a slightly larger offering and additional services such as poker and casino.

Also games and sports events or even TV broadcasts on which one can bet can be found practically constantly. Whereby the emphasis of the popularity in this country surely lies on football bets. The other forms of gambling sometimes require a visit to the gaming library or the casino or take place less frequently, such as lottery draws. Even at online casinos you are more clearly bound.

The most mobile form that works reasonably well here is the browser of a comparatively bulky tablet. As a rule, however, one is tied to one’s own PC and home DSL connection, which also excludes connection interruptions that would be very disruptive on the move.

Ironbet shows how important availability is today. This is one of the newest bookmakers on the German market. However, he was able to profit from the parent company Titanbet. Its measurements clearly spoke in favour of mobile access, which is why the bookmaker was able to come up with a top mobile app right from the start.

Bets can be placed in secret

As much as the general popularity of gambling has increased in all parts of the population, there is still a, mostly unjustified, bad reputation attached to it. Although gambling actually has hardly anything reprehensible and the cases of gambling addiction are increasing less than one would have us believe, but the prejudices against gambling are not decreasing. As soon as you see your neighbour coming out of the casino or a gaming house, you are told that he may have a problem, lack of money or has long since succumbed to the risk of gambling addiction.

Every cliché, no matter how outdated it may be, seems to be indelibly and eternally stuck in people’s minds. The fact that there is now far more than one neighbour who likes to place a sports bet is not known. And of course nobody volunteers. Because if he were the first to admit to betting in a medium-sized neighbourhood, the old prejudices would immediately come to bear again. Of course, this will hardly change as long as no one admits to sports betting.

It is an unsightly vicious circle and a small marketing gau for the bookmakers. But it is precisely this pampering that makes sports betting more successful than other games of chance. Apart from the lottery, everything that cannot take place in secret raises questions. And thanks to the great availability on the Internet and also on small inconspicuous smartphones, outdated prejudices help sports betting to stand out from other games of chance.

Cheer on – play fun and excitement

In addition, the possible fever with your own tip is something that makes sports betting very popular. Live betting is especially popular here. Basically with every sports bet that is placed on an event that can be followed live in the media, however, a tension arc arises that makes the bets much more exciting than watching a slot machine or the lotto draw, where the chance of the jackpot often evaporates with the first drawn ball.

With a good football bet, there can still be a draw in the 90th minute and the decision about winning or losing can still be made in the last seconds. If the average middle-class player bets on a sports event, then it is usually one that he would follow anyway. Already here tension prevails whether the own association wins the victory probably.

This increases further if a sports bet is used as a catalyst. You can get a literal adrenaline rush here. Without having a real risk in the sense of an injury or something similar. Sports betting carries the maximum risk of losing the stake. And in this country this rarely amounts to more than 20 Euros per bet, so it is very manageable in terms of risk management.

The bookmakers also built on this effect with the introduction of live betting. And with that they were absolutely right. These bets, which can still be adjusted during an exciting game, are among the most popular in the bookmakers’ program. In addition, they are sometimes even underpinned with live broadcasts, which makes it possible to cheer on events that do not otherwise have a media forum.